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Lunch is the most important meal of the day: A pleasant and healthy lunch experience will help people recover from the weariness of work in the morning and give them a sufficient afternoon.

Acorn is a lunch kit that increases the interaction between the user, the food and the tableware. It provides a more exciting lunch experience and eating inspiration whether in the office or outside.

Exhibited in Stockholm furniture fair 2013


Focus group: 11 women who have working life in Sweden.

Method: workshop 1 to 1 interview method with context mapping exercise and images. 

Aim: gaining a deep understanding into users interaction and emotion links with products. Their true needs were analyzed for further design process.



Paper prototypes for experimenting various sizes with combination of forms, . 

Inspired by nutrition guides - MyPlate, 3 components contain 20% protein, 30% vegetable, and 30% grain with a big box to hold them from outside. 



Each form has its atheistically approach influencing emotion. After adjusting the details, plastic vacuum forming was used to make fast prototype for further testing.




Final prototype

Final prototype was made from birch bark and 3D printing models.